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tv   The Live Desk  FOX News  January 4, 2010 1:00pm-3:00pm EST

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level which does allow for imminent domain for economic development. the fight continues. they will move on in the courts jane: thanks. jon: it is nice to have you back. jane: thanks. nice to be here. jon: we will see you tomorrow. "the live desk" is up next. martha: happy new year. welcome to "the live desk". trace: live inside the fox news room. we are the only show that takes you behind the news. the national desk. managing news crews across the country. the foreign desk is handling breaking information from around the globe, which is all fed back here to new york city, to the world headquarters of fox news channel. on "the live desk" brand-new
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pictures, new information will always be in the boxes on the right-hand side of the screen. there is breaking news in las vegas. a shooting at the federal courthouse. two federal officers have been shot. a suspect has also been shot. this court house, by the way, is where u.s. senators kerry reid and john ensign have their offices. new information on this developing story. expecting a news conference to come within the hour on that. in the middle box major new information on national security. new airport screening information. airports in 14 different countries. we will tell you where the stories believe the biggest outside threats to this country are coming from. martha: and in the bottom box president obama is just back from his vacation this afternoon. he is set to me and sit down with his top anti-terrorist advisers and talk about the threats and all the information that has rolled out over the holiday. one hot spot clearly on this list is yemen. the u.s. embassy there remains closed now for day two because
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of threats to the embassy from al-qaeda. yemen says it is pushing back on the terror group were rewarded calls an unprecedented number of troops into the al-qaeda controls. we will show you how complicated the situation is on the ground with all of these different groups vying for power in yemen. that threat is raising a lot of very different questions, one of which is what the obama administration plans to do now about releasing yemeni detainees from guantanamo bay. some lawmakers are asking to put on hold on this process of transferring any more detainees back home. adding their voices to those calls very interestingly democratic senator dianne feinstein, jane harman, ended joe lieberman. major garrett is live at the white house. it raises many questions one of which is why continue this
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policy of sending guantanamo detainees back to yemen in the face of what is now a bipartisan opposition. >> the white house says you can't close the facility unless you move some of the detainees to their home countries. so the administration says on a case-by-case basis it is going to evaluate whether or not they can safely be sent back to yemen and kept in some sort of either protective or more rigorous custody by the yemeni government. the president's top counter-terrorism adviser addressed this issue yesterday. let's take a quick lesson. >> several of those detainees were put into human because the bride away. we are continuing to talk with them. we are trying to do this in a very measured fashion. the guantanamo facility must be close. we i'm not kind to do g to do ag that is going to put american security at risk.
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>> so far the administration has released 42 former detainees. seven have gone to yemen. of those 7 6 are in the many custody. martha: and what about the intelligence failures that happened on christmas day on that bombing attempt? what will the president learn about all of what went into that and all of those places that seem to have been missed along the way? >> two things things will happen. first of all, the president's counter-terrorism adviser, you just saw him, will meet with the president at the oval office. they will discuss all of the things that he has learned about these systemic intelligence failures. secondly, the president will receive a ridden report from the cia about its intelligence failures in that christmas day failed bombing attempt. one thing john brennan told "fox news sunday" is there was a smoking gun, not one single piece of intelligence that would have given the whole plot up. there were bits and pieces that were simply not dealt with
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rapidly enough. "lightning speed" was the phrase he used. there was a hostility between agencies and unwillingness to share information. he is going to brief the president about how to increase speed and rapidity of dealing with that information, getting it where it needs to be to foil the spot before they get under way. martha: the big cabinet meeting. as always we thank you very much. trace: the fight is heating up. secretary of state hillary clinton saying the situation is a threat to both regional and global stability. her comments come amid new reports that yemeni security forces have killed two suspected al-qaeda militants in a gunbattle. we are also getting our first look at the tightened security around the close to u.s. embassy in yemen because of threats from the al-qaeda affiliate there.
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that is the group that is now linked to the failed christmas day terrorist current. amy kellogg following all this today live. a great deal of focus on human right now. >> yes. that al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula really is gaining. there are many reasons. basically the combination of conditions in the yemen that make it for the ground for terrorist training camps and regrouping. basically the economic woes is the biggest problem. a lot of people said it would be 3-5 years before this all this blew up. because of the civil war that is going on so much money and so much energy is being focus that the al-qaeda troops have been able to regroup in other parts of the country. general david patraeus was in the yemen over the weekend talking to the president about ways to help out to security
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situation in yemen. $70 million a year. patraeus would like to see that number doubled. the issue really is that with the civil war raging it is the very difficult for the government which has been actually quite inconsistent in its dedication. difficult for this time. that war spiked off again in august. since then there have been a series of events. they spilled over into saudia arabia. trace: what you're saying is the reason it is such a fertile training ground is because of the government, the weakened government and the economy. >> that are what experts say. unfair to call here yemen a failed state. certainly the government does not have control of the whole country. some say it does not even have control of the capital. there is a long history of terrorist problems in yemen. we just think back to 2000 when
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the u.s.s. cole was attacked. and then there is the issue, you mentioned, trace, secretary of state clinton said there was a threat. the somali rebels wants to send reinforcements. very nearby as a failing state. imagine if yemen were to become a failed state how bad that would be. but yemen is really on the brink according to people in the know. that is one of the reasons the u.s. and britain now looking at so many ways to try to shore up that government and help it fight terrorism. trace: amy kellogg live in london. thank you. >> you're welcome. martha: fox news alert. we have just confirmed one of the security officers shot at the federal building in las vegas has died. the fbi says that the gunman who opened fire also killed in all
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of this. this all started in the last hour, and it is still breaking news as we speak. these are pictures, very recent pictures from the ground on. live in our los angeles bureau. tragic loss. >> yes, martha, we do know a deputy u.s. marshal and security officer were both shot. both taken to the hospital where there were taken into operating rooms. one of the two has died. i do believe we know which one. we are holding off on that. asked to hold off until the family members have been notified. family members from both are heading to that hospital. about 8:00 this morning. this courthouse, the lloyd george federal building. a brand new, relatively brand-new.
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built about five years ago. one of the first courthouses to be built in the country that follows the new security standards. so when you go to this courthouse is very difficult to drive up to. there is only the curb. they have to back away from the street. the courtyard in front. right when you get into that lobby area you go through security. the shootout began inside the lobby and came out into the street. the gunman has been shot and killed. only three people were involved. two officers and the gunman. all three were taken to hospitals. of course, we now know two are dead. one of the security officers and the gunman. as for clearing the building, what we have heard so far is listening to the police scanner and keeping in touch with people on location, they believe at this hour that the building has been cleared, and that there are no other gunman involved. as you know, anytime you have a breaking news story the information comes fast and furious. we will continue to update you.
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until then back to you in new york. martha: all right. thank you very much, adam. trace: the tsa is putting stricter rules in place for certain passages. who is affected and what they will have to go through. announcing large-scale war games. why might be trying to a send a message with the timing of these exercises. >> breaking news, hard-hitting reports, the stories that matter to you come all the news at the speed.
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trace: 13 minutes past the hour. coming up in the top box. iran is gearing up for a large-scale military drill next month. the exercise set to coincide with tehran's deadline for the west to respond for its counteroffer to the nuclear fuel deal. in the middle box bitter cold, very bitter cold. as far south as florida there are freeze warnings in effect. a bit later we are going to show you some of the problems of freezing weather is causing around the country. in the bottom box surgery today for senator john kerry, the onetime presidential candidate is getting his second hip replacement. martha: well, the u.s. is now requiring stricter screening standards for some u.s. bound passengers. the transportation security administration requiring enhanced security techniques for passengers travelling through or from countries consider state
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sponsors of terror as well as other countries of interest. enhanced screen full body scans as well as body pat downs, personal items. joining me now is a former tsa. good have you here. >> nice to be with you. martha: thank you. this incident makes it very clear to most incidents that something that's going right here. what do we need to do? >> first of all, we better dial up a prescription of patience for those flights coming inbound if you are a passenger to the u.s. we have got confidence that t.s.a. and its partners across the hsm across the globe are correctly analyzing the threats and taking steps to manage the rest. you can ask expect to see security regime is put in place.
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more technology. more physical inspection of baggage. martha: i traveled as so many people did over the course of this weekend. you can't help but stand there. i'm sure that tsa folks are hard working. many of the man excellent job, but you can't help but feel they are doing this job with one hand tied behind their back. in this country where we have the most extraordinary technology why is it that everyone of us does not get a skin or fingerprints can that would read out instantly the aliases as we have used in the past, whether or not we are on the no-fly list? why this many years after september 11th are we still doing things pretty much the way we did before then? >> well, it's because we are trying to not let the terrorists get a win. if we have a situation where it is a very bad experience for you and your family to go to the airport where the security regimes are so tight and hostile then we have successfully that the terrorists affect our way of
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life. martha: but don't you think -- excuse me for jumping in, don't you think that various technologies that exist that may be more private screening companies should be employed? they could do an equally good about better job and getting this more streamlined computerized way? and is tsa getting the kind of coordination? i have heard the effort the fbi does not share information. they think it will jeopardize their own investigation. >> martha, i agree with many of those points. there is no questions we have been lax in getting the w hole-body imaging technology. there's no question we have been lax in our capability to detect explosives at checkpoints. we need to get better at that. up marginally we are all too many times incident-driven. in this instance i do think it is going to spur the deployment of new and better technology that will help us find explosive threats at checkpoints.
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and i also think it will drive our intelligence sharing to a much higher and more sophisticated degree. martha: let's hope so. it is pretty amazing that we are waiting for this incident to hopefully do that as well. thank you for sharing some of your expertise with us from the tsa. good to talk to you, sir. >> thank you. martha: let's go across the newsroom to trace for more context on the story. trace: martha, we told you those subject to enhance screening of passengers flying to the united states for 14 specific countries including what the u.s. deams state sponsors of terrorism: cuba, iran, sudan, syria and also what are being called the countries of interest. those nations, afghanistan, algeria, lebanon, libya, algeria, iraq, saudi arabia, somalia, and yemen. a senior fellow with the brookings institution. you saw the list. we get those. talk to us about the others.
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are we focusing on countries with vast populations of radical moslems? >> to some extent that is one way to sum it up. a place where you can't be sure who is getting on the airplane, and you know that there are a number of people who could potentially wants to do us harm from those places. the key thing is to make sure these searches and people carry them out in a polite and respectful way. i travel. we will be subject to the same kind of inspections. that is fine, as long as there done quickly and politely. trace: many of those countries we are very friendly with their governments. no apologies necessary. why address those countries? there are a number of plots under way in london right now and france right now. a lot of radical muslims in those countries. why not them as well, michael?
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>> well, that is, in fact, an excellent question. there is always the possibility we will have to move toward that sort of the system. that would be much more disruptive. you are talking about the preponderance of passengers. you need a system that could accommodate that. i think the answer to your question is the sheer quantity would preclude our ability to search people you may have to consider that. you know, in the short term we can hope that there are better database integration not only within our own government, but with those particular partner nations we have good relations with. that is the other answer to your questions. trace: 20 seconds left. what you're saying is maybe not focusing as much on certain countries as people? >> well, yes. we need a new category or better category, the intermediate category of attentiveness where if not the no-fly list, not the general database, the in-between area where people needed a little bit of extra scrutiny,
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done politely and respectfully, but without apology. trace: senior fellow with the brookings institution. good to see you. thank you. >> thank you. martha: here a live look now at las vegas. we are starting to get some new information on the second court officer who has been in the hospital. you'll bring that breaking news to you right out of this break. the federal courthouse shootout story plays out here. we'll be right back.
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trace: breaking information coming in now on that sitting in the federal courthouse. we're also getting new information from youtube. how do we know this video is legit? >> at first we saw this clip on
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fox 5. they were airing this clip. we have been in close contact with them says this first broke. as you know, youtube is great for video. a little dangerous to your covering news. this gentleman happened to be at the federal courthouse and was leaving. there rescheduling an appointment he had. there when he was leaving this shootout broke. we did speak to the shooter. we do feel comfortable. i will let the video speak for itself. very compelling. pretty crazy. let's watch. >> shooting outside of a las vegas courthouse.
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unbelievable. [gunfire] a hell of a morning for jury duty. [gunfire] >> just the sound you can hear. initial reports, 30-40 shots. you can almost verify it. a lot of shots. trace: shot after shot after shot. we will play that again. analyzing this as we go live. the man was outside and inside. this was just rapid-fire from both sides. don't know who was shooting do. outside and then we know that it moved inside. martha: incredible video. we will keep looking at it. we will get an update. joins us live from our los angeles bureau. what is the latest?
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>> in serious condition. we were originally told this morning that the gunman was killed, and the two security officers were taken to a nearby hospital. another one of them has died. the other is in serious condition. this all took place outside the lloyd george federal building about two-and-a-half hours ago. to give our viewers some perspective is on south las vegas boulevard. if you were to go to vegas and all the hotels this is north of there between the trip and the fremont street experience. the main drag. again, this courthouse was built after the new security standards from the oklahoma city bombing went into place. completed in 2004. this courthouse, the shooting started inside, martha, and then went outside. one security officer killed. the second officer we are told
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in serious condition at a nearby hospital. martha, we will keep you updated. and also one more note, talking to my contact there at the fox station in las vegas, they are continuing to search surrounding buildings downtown, both s.w.a.t. and federal officers to ensure there wasn't another gunman. martha: all right. we appreciate the update. trace: i want to -- stand by. i want to play this video one more time. this was on youtube. we have verified that it is legitimate. it was taken by, we presume, somebody who said there were on their way to jury duty. listen to this. [gunfire] >> shooting outside of a las vegas courthouse. [gunfire]
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unbelievable. [gunfire] a hell of a morning for jury duty. trace: they were saying some 30-40 shots. anybody who knows this area, remember, o.j. simpson was on trial on this very same block. you can hear the rapid-fire shooting, 30-40 shots. he says is started inside. you think it went inside to outside. >> yeah, trace, well, it depends. we are getting two different e ye-witness accounts. as you know, people sometimes because of the nature of the events can be confusing what they see. we do know from this courthouse and the one here in los angeles we have talked to that federal courthouses, the securities stations are right at the door front. so if it went inside it would have had to go through three of four other officers.
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you know from being there, at this time in the morning there are a significant number of people walking around there, going into the courthouse for jury duty, judges, court personnel. the fact that only three people were injured and two of them killed, when you hear all that gunfire, trace, it's quite remarkable. unfortunately we know one of the officers was killed in the other in very serious condition. trace: live in southern california. back to you with parking information. thank you. martha: and the family of missing utah mother susan powell is now launching a massive campaign to renew the search effort. she has now been gone almost a month. we will tell you how they are hoping that social networking sites will find someone who knows something about where she is. we will talk to her dad in three minutes from now. stay with us.
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trace: bottom of the hour. that is a live look. i want to show you this video. las vegas by the courthouse. this video taken by a witness on his cell phone. listen for a couple of things. 43 shots were fired. shooting began inside the courthouse and then moved outside. listen for the casual tone of the witness and the number of shots. [gunfire] >> shooting outside of a las vegas courthouse. [gunfire] unbelievable. [gunfire] a hell of a morning for jury
1:35 pm
duty. [gunfire] trace: you can see his comment and a shooting ensued after that. it started inside the federal courthouse. it started inside and then moved outside. that is when the gunman was shot in the head and killed. much more breaking information coming up from the story of las vegas. martha: shots initially that caused him to start shooting that. trace: right. martha: there may have been some. trace: counting this thing. some may have been echos. martha: moving on. before the holidays. family and friends of the missing utah mom susan powell are now launching an internet media blitz today in hopes of finding susan.
1:36 pm
the pictures of susan that we are showing you now. we urge everybody to take a close look at them because they need every single clue that they can get. the family is posting pictures on several social networking sites including twitter, facebook, youtube. they hope that this effort might trigger some new leads investors to find her. she has been missing since the beginning of december. chuck cox is susan powell's father, and on the phone with us as well as mark ferber. chuck, welcome back. we're glad to have, you know, this new information to put out there. i know that you very much want to get this story out there so that people continue to look for susan. what is the latest in the investigation in terms of what you are hearing? >> well, thank you, martha, for helping us get the news out there. we have been updated by investigators, but they are withholding the details of what they're doing. don't really know where they are, other than i know it is
1:37 pm
continuing. martha: that must be so frustrating for you. you must want to know the details of the evidence and what they know. >> there is some frustration there, but i, my experience with the police department, they are doing an excellent job. i have every confidence they're following up with everything. it is better than my simply knowing. martha: what is your interaction with josh in the last, over christmas and new year's? >> we have not spoken but a few words as he brought the kids over and allow us to have some time with our grandchildren. martha: what is that like? when he brings the kids over what do you say to him? >> just a few words.
1:38 pm
very short and brief. we are not speaking about a thing. martha: i guess i am just curious what that is like for you. there must be part of you that wants to grab him and sit him down and get him to answer some of the questions that you must have, sir. >> i do have lots of questions i would like to ask. i know it is not appropriate. i can't speak for joshua. he has an attorney. he needs to talk with the police. i have to leave it there. martha: what is your gut feeling telling you about this situation, sir? >> i don't know. the facts are not in. i needs to -- my focus right now is putting people out looking and some other people to tell me where my daughter is. somebody has seen something, and that is the need for this media push. martha: and we have this
1:39 pm
findsusan they can reach and look at these pictures. the number is up. we appreciate your being with us. we want to keep getting her picture and number out there. we thank you for being with us. i ask you to standby for a moment. i would like to bring in mark ferman. talk to me a little bit about what you have learned about the developments in this case, the search warrants, where you think this is going. >> you know, where it is going, suspicious. powell is a suspect in the case. all of the behavior, none of it is normal and logical. one search warrant. another search warrant. the computer, home, vehicle. i would implore that the family of susan to put on this website a picture of the family vehicles
1:40 pm
also because somebody saw these vehicles at that night of december 6th and 7th, the movements of josh powell between 8:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. this is all an investigation to explain, to actually answer questions that josh powell refuses to answer. the initial interview that the police will have with some one like josh powell is basic, where were you. they have follow-up questions that they no doubt started to infer. the second and third interview never happened. didn't happen because he didn't want to answer those questions. he does not want to answer those questions. it would also import anybody that wants to know what is going on in this case to ask questions
1:41 pm
and actually demand josh powell to answer the questions. he may have a lawyer, that does not apply to asking him questions. martha: i assume that you are in some way speaking out to the family and encouraging them encouraging them to try to find out what they can. if you know, we can only put ourselves in this family's position. it must be an unimaginable situation for chuck cox and his family to find themselves in the middle of this. we will continue to stay on top of this with your help. chuck cox, we appreciate your being here, and we will continue to get the word out. we hope you get a resolution and answers and all of this very soon and let us know if you do, sir. trace: 21 minutes past the hour. we are just getting in this videotape of the shooting in las vegas. if you have not seen this will want to show it to you again. we have found out this is legitimate. cell phone video taken by who what we presume was a juror headed for jury duty.
1:42 pm
it will play you the cellphone, the amazing barrage of shots coming from the live desk in three minutes.
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trace: breaking news from the las vegas courthouse. that shooting. we will show you the video again that was on youtube. we have extended it a bit because they had taken out one of the curse words. it is a little bit longer. listen to the man taking the cell phone video and listen to the number of shots. we are going to try to get back the picture of the front of the courthouse to show you all of the bullet holes in the windows. here is the video once again. listen. [gunfire] >> shooting outside of a las vegas courthouse. [gunfire]
1:46 pm
holy [bleep]. [gunfire] unbelievable. [gunfire] a hell of a morning for jury duty. [gunfire] trace: even after he said hell of a morning for jury duty, the shots continued. we now know the shooting began on the inside of this court house. one was killed. the other is critical. outside the building the shooter was then shot in the head and killed. from count 43 shots. may not be accurate. could be echoes. you saw the outside of the building. the number of bullet holes in
1:47 pm
those bullet holes. now we hear there is a news conference coming up. >> yes. ed howser was told to expect a news conference within the half-hour. things always slow. we did have an officer come out. i am trying to get you guys information as quickly as possible. we will have that live. a few things i want to point out, new details coming to us. he works with the federal authorities. he is pointing out a source is telling him early in the cases, very preliminary information that the shooter in vegas is an african-american. the incident does not appear to be linked to any kind of the islamic extremism. this appears to be a lone gunman. that is important for law enforcement and authorities.
1:48 pm
anybody else inside. a lot of the buildings remain close. a lot of information here. trace: we don't know. a preliminary indication that it is not associated. downtown las vegas. those of you know this area will know the las vegas strip, north and south, along las vegas boulevard as you go north toward downtown it is away from those casinos on the main strip. it is right before you get to the casinos that the downtown in las vegas. martha: you know, what happened christmas day and then the neward situation last night there. now adding to the mix here reagan national has a power outage. that has shut down flights, security screening at a standstill. simply cannot get out of reagan national with the power outage. they had a flood situation over the course of the holidays. it has been an extremely strained, difficult situation. different airports around the country with different developments. a power outage right now.
1:49 pm
also shortage this winter, the extreme cold and wind blasts are wreaking havoc across this country all the way down to florida. it is unseasonably chilly from downed power lines, blocked roads, water main breaks, a situation in florida that is causing some problems. deepfreeze, folks, when we come deepfreeze, folks, when we come back. ( whooshing ) announcer: you could buy 300 bottles of water. or just one brita filter. ( drop plinks ) brita-- better for the environment and your wallet. or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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trace: blazing fire works in dazzling lights marking the opening of the world's tallest tower in dubai. many calling the burj dubai skyscraper a beacon of hope for the united arab emirates hoping it will rekindle financial optimism.
1:53 pm
thousand residents and tourists pouring into the area to kick off the festivities. and on race and ceremony including a choreographed water show as well as a massive fire display. for some comparison the sears tower on the right-hand side of the screen. that is the tallest building in the united states. meantime this graphic shows some worldwide perspective. the willis tower may be the tallest in the u.s., but taiwan has the second largest skyscraper. some fun facts. here is fun facts about the burj. it has 57 elevators. that foundation research you clocking in at 900 feet. and over 28,000 glass panels were used on the tower's exterior. pretty fancy. martha: and dangerously low temperatures causing troubles in the united states. deep freeze is even hitting the deep south right now. take a look at the snow-covered
1:54 pm
roads. fayetteville, arkansas. they are hoping that maybe they will get -- a pretty town. hoping they will get into the 20's. even more snow. rick leventhal is outside our studios. quite comfortable i would imagine. >> actually warmer than 31 degrees. north dakota, it is 35 below. so i feel for those folks. some cold weather caused some problems. in indianapolis right now it is 19 degrees. feels like 6. 1:00 this morning it was 14 degrees. a fire broke out in a restaurant. the texas roadhouse restaurant. when firefighters arrived they could not find a fire hydrant that wasn't frozen solid. it took them 15 minutes to get water on the blaze. by that time there was already heavy, heavy flames. fully engulfed. that restaurant suffered $4 million in damages. 135 people out of work.
1:55 pm
it will take six months to rebuild that restaurant in indianapolis. martha: what about in florida where we are learning that the citrus crops may not be in danger now, right? >> well, that is, you know, great news for the growers. they actually sprayed water on the crops to try and freeze a show on the outside, so that they would not damage to heavily. we know the temperatures get down into the 20s in northern florida, and there were warnings issued to residents and growers about the dangers to those crops. the key was how long it would stay cold and how cold it would get. martha: what about in the northeast where we have not just cold, but a lot of snow we have already had and more on the way. >> and anyone who watched the nfl, if they got any part of the buffalo game, it was a white-out. martha: pretty bad. >> i don't know how they played football if or saw the bull. in fact, indiana could not see it very well.
1:56 pm
buffalo beat them pretty badly in that game. but up in burlington, vermont the largest city got the largest snowfall. 32 plus inches in burlington in two days. the city still digging out. martha: and a new record. they are used to lots of snow. buffalo certainly had a home-field advantage because they are very used to playing in that kind of snow. in indianapolis, perhaps, not so much. thank you very much. trace: i love watching football period. snow, rain, you name it. martha: and the changes up there. trace: they may. some more time. we are expecting a news conference to come out of the shooting in the federal c ourthouse any moment now. two federal officers shot. the suspect shot and killed during one of those offices was also killed. we have new video taken by someone walking toward the courthouse. you have to see.
1:57 pm
we will show you that next. also the white house now defending his decision. why the demonstration is choosing to prosecute him in the criminal court instead of a military tribunal next.
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martha: breaking news at the top of the hour. this is the live desk. trace: i'm trace gallagher. that deadly shooting at a courthouse in las vegas. a u.s. marshal and start guard shot in a barrage of bullets. gunman was also shot and killed at the scene. this began inside the building, then moved outside. we want to show you the video that was on youtube. watch this. >> a shooting outside of the
2:01 pm
las vegas courthouse. [sound of bullets] unbelievable. what a morning for jury duty. trace: the story is still developing. we expect new information to come in, and we have a live report coming in from las vegas. also the news conference moments from now right here on the live
2:02 pm
desk. >> we told you there was a power outage at reagan international airport. several days airports have been plagues with everything from attempted acts of terrorism to flooding. a man in newark ran through one of the security gates. now we can tell you that power has been restored and the ground stop has been lifted at 2:02 eastern at reagan national airport. there are enough new screening rules that were prompted by the christmas day terror attempt. passengers from 14 squat countries of drks 14 countries of interest will face patdowns before they can get on flights bound for the u.s. laura, what is the tsa saying
2:03 pm
about these new rules? it doesn't affect every traveler who comes to the u.s. >> that's right. you mentioned those 14 countries. we heard from the tsa4:00 yesterday about the new rules. i want to give you a live look. you mentioned the problems we had had at newark earlier. security is moving along quite well, check-in is going quite well. we are talk about citizens of cuba, iran, syria, afghanistan, pakistan and nigeria to name a few that will be under enhanced security measures. passengers traveling from or through them will have to go through enhanced security measures. we are talking about full-body patdowns. these include breast and groin
2:04 pm
areas and check-in bags. that going into effect at midnight. but we are also hearing about on fusion in europe today where some airports say they are still just reviewing the rules. and we heard from the associated press that in spain some passengers bound for the united states are not being singled out for these patdowns. >> you have got to get a lot of coordination from these other countries to make this happen. there is strong reaction from civil rights groups and from nigeria as well. >> we are hearing the word profiling. we have been hearing from civil rights groups saying this equates to discrimination. and just a little while ago there was a wire that crosses from the minister of nigeria
2:05 pm
calling this unfair and saying it will punish 150 million people for the actions of one man. if you are going to do the extra screening why not do it for everybody, we are hearing a lot of that today. >> what about the mess at newark after there was a lockdown after a security breach. do we know anything more about the person who did that? >> we don't. other than we know he was in the building. there was a massive search going on at newark international. the man getting through security, going through the exit past the tsa. all those people who were screened had to come out and be rescreened. they found the man exited the building 20 minutes after he walked in. they don't know who he is.
2:06 pm
they don't know what he was doing. why he did we did, and that investigation is still underway. martha: we want to know what you think about all of this on this monday morning in the beginning of the new year. are these tsa screening procedures going to do the trick? are they enough to keep us safe? more than 12,000 people have responded. this is what has everybody talking today. and 84% of those who responded say they don't think these new screening processes are going to do much of anything. 3% say they are not sure yet. it's a big, big topic of conversation. trace: the white house defending its decision to try the terror suspect in federal court. umar farouk abdulmutallab is accused the of trying to blow up a jet on christmas day. the suspect says he was trained
2:07 pm
and armed by al qaeda in yemen. mike, some interesting developments at the state department. >> second clinton says the obama administration is not satisfied. here she is on her department's role. >> based on what we know now, the state department fully complied with the requirements set forth in the interagency process as to what should be done when a threat is -- or when information about a potential threat is known. but we are looking to see whether those procedures need to be changed, upgraded. >> some republicans are saying the failure by the state department to pull this guy's
2:08 pm
visa was amongst the biggest failures in this whole incident. when congress comes back to town there will be more discussions about the state department's role in all of this. secretary clinton may be asked about that again. trace: what about trying the us spent in a criminal court versus a military court? >> there are critics saying the obama administration is going back to a pre-9/11 mentality. we are hearing abdulmutallab was talking and has now stopped talking because he has a lawyer. john brennan says he believes abdulmutallab will realize there is an advantage to talking when it comes to striking a plea de
2:09 pm
deal. he thinks because this was an act of war, he should be in a military bringing. -- in a military brig. martha: the healthcare countdown continues. they are debating the differences in healthcare reform. the president's top legislative priority has the approval of lawmakers in the house side and senate side. but there are big differences between these two bills and that's what the hammering out will be focused on. with a trillion dollar healthcare bill in each house, they have to come up with a lot of heof revenue to support thatd
2:10 pm
fund that. >> they cut $500 billion from medicare. they also need lots of new revenue. the house would raise it by imposing a 5.4% you are fax with those are gross income of $500,000 or more. the senate raises the biggest chunk of its revenues through a 40% tax on so-called cadillac plans. >> this is an obvious place to do it. it's the largest untaxed fringe benefit in the u.s. tax code. >> obama advisers say the benefits like the ones wall street bankers enjoy, but the vast majority are union members and state government employees. martha: what happens to these plans when you put a 40% tax on
2:11 pm
them. >> many of those plans will get too expensive and slowly disappear. but there is a bigger result, this will result in larger tax bills for middle class families. the reason is because if those union members lose healthcare benefits which are untaxable, the senate is assuming they will get wages to replace that which are taxable. the senate is counting on raising $160 billion in new taxes over 10 years, the majority of which would come from the middle class. listen to this. >> what's happened of course is what was originally thought of as a cadillac plan, a lot of those plans have chevy wages. and that's what has made it somewhat controversial. and a real issue of contention. >> president obama has embraced and defended this tax but it
2:12 pm
clearly breaks his pledge not to raise taxes on those with income below $250,000. trace: the controversial new guide showing how to shoot heroin and it's paid for by tax dollars. the manhunt is over for a suspect in the thanksgiving day mass murder. the amazing chase and how it ended next.
2:13 pm
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martha: we are back with this breaking news story out of las vegas. a deep u.s. officer and a court security officer her shot in a barrage of bullets. the security officer is dead. the gunman was shot and killed at scene. we have some video that shows as this whole thing went down. take a look. >> a shooting outside of the las vegas courthouse. holy [bleep] [gunshots] u
2:16 pm
unbelievable. what a morning for jury duty. martha: that video surfaced shortly after this event on youtube. you can hear 30-40 shots. it was an awful morning in las vegas. adam housley joins us with the latest on this story. any update on the second court officer and anything coming out about who this shooter was? >> well, martha, the investigation is still early on. they are going literally door to door at some of the surrounding buildings to insure no one else was involved in this.
2:17 pm
right now they believe it was a lone gunman that walked into the lloyd george federal courthouse. it's halfway between the strip, the hotels you would see, all those famous hotels and the fremont street experience, which are the older hotels. this federal courthouse though it's halfway in between on loves boulevard. you are seeing a live picture from kvvu in las vegas. i talked to one my friends in las vegas who works for this fox affiliate. the security guard was a 65-year-old man who was killed. he died at university medical center after being taken there. died from his wounds. the deputy u.s. marshal was in
2:18 pm
stable condition. the gunman with the shotgun opened fire inside, then the gunfire came outside. if you go to this courthouse which was the first one that was completed after the oklahoma city bombing rules went into effect which made security more strict at courthouses, the gunman maybe tried to enter and because of the security setup was chased out of the courthouse and onto the street. some reports have them saying he was shot and killed across the street. that has not been confirmed but there are officials talking about that. some of the searches taking place and some of the vehicles being used for the search as they get more comfortable there was no one else involved. the courthouse has been cleared. school officials are meeting with the las vegas police department as well as federal officials to think about opening up some of the surrounding
2:19 pm
schools. there are a few schools nearby that were in lockdown. they have not yet cleared the lockdown in some of those schools but they are meeting to do that. so hopefully if you have a child in one of those surrounding schools that lockdown will be lifted shortly. we'll keep you updated throughout the day as more information comes in. but one officer was killed, the other one in serious condition and the gunman died at the scene. martha: a terrible day in las vegas. we'll wait to see what the motivation might have been with the shooter. and yes was there today. adam, thank you very much. we'll come back to you as you get more information. trace: u.s. marshals in south florida nabbed the suspect in a thanksgiving day mass murder. a television show helped them crack the case. ugcl)
2:20 pm
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martha: this information just crossed the wires a little while ago. secret service is saying the salahis were not the only party crashers at the indian state dinner. there was a third uninvited guest who also got in. he traveled with the indian delegation. they were screened at hotel with the rest of the indian delegation. it's like he was swept in with the group. trace: a top official with the drug enforcement agency is blasting the new york city health department for publishing 70,000 copies of a booklet with
2:24 pm
instructions how to prepare to inject heroin. it offers tips like warming your body by jumping up and down to show your veins. professor, why in the world would a government supplied brochure offer tips on how to shoot up? >> you have to remember that addiction is a chronically lapsing condition for which there is inadequate and ineffective care. there are many people out there continuing to inject drugs because they have no recourse to anything else. so while they are doing that, it's important to keep them safe and healthy so that when the care becomes available they can avail themselves of it. trace: is this keeping them safe? look at some of the things in there. this is tip number 5, prepare the drugs carefully. draw the water from a clean
2:25 pm
container using a clean cooker every time. number 6. take care of your veins. warm your body to show your veins. find the vein before you inject. only boot once or twice in one shot. isn't this blatantly saying that the dangers of shooting heroin can be managed? >> drug users ingesting snow the dangers. they are experimenting on their bodies every time they inject. what they don't have is a lot of information how to be safe. they learned how to inject by watching other drug users who don't know how to do it. also, you pointed out two pages of a 16-page booklet. two pages provide people with access for information where they can go to get treatment. two pages talk about preventing overdose deaths.
2:26 pm
it talks about hiv and preventing hiv. all these are preventable consequences of untreated addiction. we don't have enough treatment for addictions. until we do it's incumbent upon the health departments to treat -- trace: this is still a step-by-step instruction on how to shoot up. it's heroin for dummies. >> it's heroin for people already using heroin so they do it more safely. it's important people's lives be saved even if they are drug users. they deserve decent medical care which they don't care because the drug treatment system is inadequate. it's incumbent upon us to keep them alive and safe until they can get the proper treatment they need. every time a drug user with an abscess walks into an emergency
2:27 pm
room it costs $1,000. you prevent a few abscesses it pays for the cost of the pamphlet. education can save lives. trace: thank you, sir. >> you are welcome. >> all right. let's see where we are going from here. are we going to take a break? no. so the man that police call the thanksgiving killer we talked about this story it's a terrible story. he's sitting in a florida jail cell. paul merhidge appeared in court this morning. he's accused of gunning down four of his own family members including a 6-year-old little girl who was his cousin, twin sister and his aunt. he was arrested in the florida keys after somebody saw his picture on america's most wanted *.
2:28 pm
phil, talk to fuss about how he reacted -- talk to us about how you reacted when the marshals stormed into his hotel room. >> not only did he kill two relatives, he shot and wounded two others. one is in a coma. the husband of one of the twin sisters who is now dead. she was pregnant. this guy has no idea what happened to all of his family members and his wife and his unborn child. when he was arrested saturday night, paul merhidge in the florida keys between key largo and key west, a remote stretch of the island at the edgewater lodge hotel. marshals stormed into the room and threw in a flash grenade. his replay in stark contrast was, quote, please don't shoot
2:29 pm
me over and over again to police as well as u.s. marshals. they say he fled into the bathroom. they had to break into the sliding glass door because he barricaded himself inside the hotel room. he stockpiled peanut butter, water, fruit, to stay in that room and sustain himself and monitor the internet and see when things got close. martha: how did they find him? and how did he avoid being captured for more than a month? >> he was pretty successful. he checked into the motel on december 2, right after thanksgiving weekend, under a fake name. paid two weeks up front in cash. he told them i don't need my room cleaned while i'm staying here. so no one would go to his room. he rarely left only to do laundry because he reportedly
2:30 pm
has come fussive anxiety disorder. they found three tents of helium attached to a plastic bag and hose which investigators believe may have been in preparation to commit suicide if he thought he may get caught. we presume he's on suicide watch right now. martha: horribly sad story. now there will be some justice for paul merhidge and his family. trace: we are learning more about the fight to crush al qaeda in yemen. but is it equipped to battle the terror group? a closer look at america's relationship with yemen in three minutes. freezing cold weather creating dangerous conditions around the country. we'll show what you to expect where you live next.
2:31 pm
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call now. trace: it's the bough the bottoe hour. we have new information on an icy blast. >> no matter where people live if they haven't stepped outside, they should get a heavy coat. south floor in the 50s, 40s, even the 20s. vermont getting a record-breaking snowfall over the weekend. in new york city it's a blazing 27 degrees. trace: now to the push for middle east peace between the palestinians and the israelis. >> u.s. middle east convoy george mitchell is expected back
2:35 pm
in the region. but effort appears to be futile. abbas publicly maintained his position of no talks without a settlement freeze. israel did stop issuing construction permits for a 10-month period. but now they will break ground on land the palestinians want for their state. the threat of an al qaeda attack forcing the brits and the united states to close their embassies in yemen. >> there is an awful lot going on in yemen. the embassies closed because of a security threat. you have yemeni forces killing two suspected al qaeda militants. general david petraeus is discussing ways to improve
2:36 pm
security in the very poor country which is dealing with a civil war. and also with this growing presence of al qaeda. trace: the national desk working breaking information on that vegas shooting. we'll bring that to you coming up. but that's boston information at the bottom -- that's brand-new information at the bottom of the hour. martha: secretary of state hillary clinton calling the condition in yemen a threat to global and regional security. here is a break yowrch what kind of relationship the united states has had with fighting terrorism there. according to the congressional research services in 2006 the u.s. gave $4.3 million in security aid. the amount for 2010 is yet to be
2:37 pm
determined. some of this goes to security which comes out of the defense department. other parts of it come in aid. 45% of the country of yemen's population lives in poverty. gentlemen, welcome, good to have you here. what goes through your mind when you hear about the money flow that's going to yemen. >> in reality that's not a lot of money in terms of combating a large quantity of al qaeda fighters. but there is the mother lode of al qaeda has moved into yemen. we'll have to help them on development issues. this government has been historically hostile to us. they were with saddam in the war against iraq, not with us. they will work with us while
2:38 pm
they believe they are at risk. but as soon as the risk has been removed for them, they will not be a long-term ally. martha: i was reading about yemen and how al qaeda has been moving in there. there is a lot of tribal issues and civil unrest in the northern part of the country. al qaeda leaders have been marrying into the tribes. is this part of the plan to create some sort of stability in their own way for people there so they will let them continue to thrive and grow in that area? >> i think it is part of al qaeda's long-term plan. it seeks to fill a vacuum left by a weak government struggling against rebels in the north and south. and now al qaeda is alive with tribal elements in the mountains in the east. for the government, al qaeda is only the third most high-ranked
2:39 pm
threat. they tend to neglect dealing with that in the past. hopefully if the u.s. steps up cooperation and assistance to yemen the government will take a much more active approach to hunting down these al qaeda personnel in the mountains. >> i think we all feel that way. something i heard this morning struck me. there was a couple on this morning on fox and friends that talked about the no-fly list. they said one of the reasons it's difficult to get an accurate no-fly list is the cia doesn't like to share the aliases of people they are looking at. is that true? >> the cia provides the information to th counter terrom center. i was a group chief and we provided everything we could to them. if they have additional questions they can call the
2:40 pm
director of operations and they will provide more info. i find that an unusual statement they are not providing information. i don't believe it. i know what we provided when i was there. martha: i want to ask this question. why is it that when you go through an airport, we have the greatest technology in the world, why isn't there a scan of your face, every alias you have ever used. whether you have been convicted of a crime. whether you paid cash for your ticket. why is that data all these years later not available. >> in the u.s. this is a hom homeland security issues. cia doesn't manage those things in the united states. martha: who does? >> homeland security does. this issue with the underwear bomber, the nigerian demonstrates a horrific
2:41 pm
performance. martha: back to yemen with jim for a moment. what do you think the solution is. they are look for increased money. what .we do? it was rebuffed by jim brennan whether we would consider putting military boots on the ground to quash this military presence of al qaeda in yemen. >> i would be reluctant to put american boots on the ground until all the alternatives have been exhausted. in december there were two different air strikes at some of al qaeda and the arabian peninsula's highest leaders. in the long run it will be difficult to dig al qaeda out of that country because it thrives in back waters that are economically troubled and not only that, but it's right next
2:42 pm
door to saudi arabia which al qaeda wants to get back into. >> we are not going to put large numbers of troops in uniform on the ground. the agency will do some work in there, we can make some progress. but the u.s. can suppress it but it will be up to the yemeni yem. marthayemenis.mountain the agens been exerting resources. it has become public because of the recent incident. >> thank you for joining us as well. we'll talk to you soon. thank you, gentlemen. trace, back to you. trace: that shooting at federal courthouse in las vegas. two are dead, one is wounded. there is a news conference coming up any moment. we may find out more about the
2:43 pm
shooter. who he was, where he was from, what he wanted next.
2:44 pm
2:45 pm
2:46 pm
trace: top of the hour, 14 minutes away. breaking in the top box. awaiting a news conference on that deadly shooting at a courthouse in las vegas. he shot two federal officers. one of them died. shooting then went outside where officers shot and killed the suspect. while this was going on a man was sa apparently walking towars jury duty and captured this whole thing on his cell phone. watch. [gunshots] >> a shooting outside the las vegas courthouse. holy [bleep] unbelievable.
2:47 pm
what a morning for jury duty. [gunshots] trace: the suspect apparently had a rifle between 40-45 shots were fired off there. one of the federal officers was killed. suspect was also killed. we are awaiting a news conference. when it happens we'll bring it to you live. right now up to control room 8 and martha. martha: you guys are going to speak to the young man who shot
2:48 pm
that video. >> he was supposed to be a juror but he went to the wrong courthouse. he was supposed -- martha: a twist of fate for him. >> he's walking between the two buildings. we'll talk to him as part of our news coverage. it's good to see you. martha: happy 2010. >> it was a nice break. good skiing. martha: rest and ready to go. >> i was concentrating on my rebels. i'm thinking of getting a condo there. we go there three times a decade. sorry, oklahoma state. not very athletic. i thought, how did they win 9 games. i love oklahoma state. but they are not very athletic.
2:49 pm
other story we were following -- maybe i shouldn't talk about the other shorey noon the other sto. martha: i'm going to make a turn right now and go back to mr. trace gallagher. you will see this gentleman at the top of the hour. trace: parking lot near seattle is one couple's idea of paradise. but the government wants to take away their property using eminent domain. why it means trouble in paradise. upbeat rock. ♪ singer: hello hello hello can anybody hear me? ♪ ♪ i know i know i know i shoulda gone to ♪ ♪ free credit report dot com!
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♪ that's where i shoulda gone! coulda got my knowledge on! ♪ ♪ vo: free credit score and report with enrollment in triple advantage.
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trace: another case of eminent
2:53 pm
domain where the government takes private property. a couple fighting the city from take over their private parking lot in a prime location to build a public parking garage. dan springer is live for us in seattle. what does the city want to do? >> this has riled up property rights advocates. the city of seatac wants to take a 45-acre parcel and build a small parking garage on one corner. and they want the rest for economic development. they envision shops, hotels and restaurants to try to capture the money before it flies out of town. there is a new light rail system that went in there and the final stop is nearby. they want to take that parcel and turn it over for public use and to a pry have th a private .
2:54 pm
>> we believe our citizens have a desire to drive through a city that is more than parking lots. >> this should only be used for pure public uses. taking away someone's private property to turn it over to private redevelopment to generate more tax revenue, i don't think that's what the framers of the constitution had in mind. >> the attorney general does want to have a law passed to that effect. he wants to bar the taking of private land for private use. trace: tell us how this is legal. what kinds of reason does the government need to take your property? >> the state constitution prohibits the taking of private land for private development. but the state supreme court ruled contrary to that.
2:55 pm
we saw in the kilo ruling the supreme court said you can take private land if there is a public good, a public use. they have a legal leg to do this, but we are waiting to see what happens with this challenge. the folks challenging this have lost $2 million in the transfer. they paid $10.6 million two years ago, the city is offering $8.6 million. trace: dan, good to see you, thank you. martha: we'll have the latest on the situation at plays out in las vegas this afternoon. we have been watching this video that surfaced on youtube. the young man was on his way to jury duty. shepard smith is going to speak to the man who shot this video and get some insight what it was like on the scene. that is straight ahead.
2:56 pm
2:57 pm
2:58 pm
2:59 pm
thanks for joining us today, everybody. see you right back here tomorrow. >> 2010 is off and running for the livedesk. studio b with shepard smith right now. >> and the news begins anew. a developing story. one officer is now dead and another hurt after a shootout this morning in a las vegas courthouse. we are told a gunman opened fire in the lobby of the lloyd d. george u.s. courthouse and federal building. killed, a 65-year-old security officer and wounded, a deputy marshall. u.s. marshalls report they eventually killed the suspect. no word yet on a motive. the building not only houses the federal courts, it also houses the officer is of u.s. senators harry reid and john enson and just a few miles from the famous las vegas casino strip. we also have stunning vid


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